Carolina Produce Company

Hello Everyone!!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!! I hope everyone had a very blessed and safe summer.

We are excited to have you back and look forward to working with you this year. If you are experiencing any issues with our new ordering system please contact Nate immediately. He is happy to handle any issues and walk you through step by step.

Think VARIETY for the beginning of school. We have all year for the same ole same ole so use these items while you can.

Gala and gold apples are a top pick. Kids love the color and variety. Plums and pluots are excellent. Size, quality, and price make them a top pick but they will not last long so get them while you can.

Melons are excellent…….cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon.

Think 3 colors in grapes……..white, red and black. Mix them all for a wow factor that the kids will like.

We have great presliced apples at 100 packs per case. Kiwi is a great choice and easy to serve. 110 per case and quarter and serve with skin on. Celery sticks are 250 sticks
per bundle and pair them with MINI carrots not carrot sticks. Mini carrots are available in 1#, 5# and snack pack. Many local items are available and we will use as many as possible until the quality declines.

We have many many salad options that meet your requirements. Call and let us tell you all about them.

My items to avoid for the moment is citrus due to the age and declining quality. You can expect some decay and poor quality with citrus being almost a year old. Also peaches are finished for the year. The size and quality does not make them a pick of mine to order and use.

If you need anything do not hesitate to call or e-mail me. We are here to help.
Enjoy your week and we appreciate you so much.