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Produce News Update

Hello Everyone

I hope your school year is going well so far.  With the cooler fall temps in the air our
local will start to slow the local product down.  We have had some great local products to
start the school year with!!  Local gold and gala apples are great right now.  We so
appreciate Chattoga Belle and AppleWedge for them!!  Watermelons are ending soon so use
them while they are a reasonable choice.  Don't forget cantaloupe and honeydew makes a
great melon cup.  Use all 3 colors of grapes and mix them.....red white and black
seedless.  Kiwi is always a great choice to 1/4 and serve with skin on.  Plums will be
available and a good choice for a little while longer.  Peaches are now over and pluots
will start to drop off soon so use them again while you can.  Oranges are not a pick at
this time but will soon change as Florida crop starts closer to the upcoming holidays. 
Irma did cause some products to get very tight......tomatoes are one and lettuce has been
running a little rough....a small amount of rust or brown is normal but will correct soon.
 Sliced apples are a great buy and mini carrots, broccoli and cauliflower make a great
veggie cup!  We appreciate you so much!  We are so excited to have to opportunity to
your produce needs again this year.   Don

Remember our sliced apples are an excellent value and 100 packs to the case.  Our local
vendor does such a great job with these!!  

************Oranges are extremely hard to secure and VERY EXPENSIVE, please check your
price list and realize there are better choices out there right now unless you just have
to serve them.  

Don Welborn
Carolina Produce Company Inc







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