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Updated Produce News . . . .

Produce News Update

Hello Everyone!!

It was GREAT to see and visit with most of you at the SNA.  We always enjoy getting to
catch up with everyone.

Fruit choices have been great to start the school year off and while some have finished
for the year, we have some new ones coming along.  Peaches, nectarines and pluots have
finished for the year.  Lets don't order anymore of those at this time.  There are some
plums left but only for a couple of weeks more.  As such, lets not order any stone fruit.

You still have a lot of great choices to pick from.  All varieties of apples are
at this time and LOCAL!!  We love our local apple farmers.  Think,
gala, Fuji, granny and many others.  Mix the types and mix the colors.......the kids love
having a change and right now the varieties are not separated my huge cost.

Pears, red pears, cantaloupe, honey dew, pineapple, grapes, kiwi, bananas and now great. 
oranges will SOON be a  good choice.  Cutie type oranges are available now and easy to
will be around the corner Soon.  How about a mixed fruit cup??  Get creative!!  Maybe you
can even put in 1 strawberry or 3 blueberries and finish off with cheaper fruits.

Veggies are all ok at this time that I can think of.  Mini carrots are always a good
choice and come packed so many different ways.  Kids love the veggie cups and you have so
many choices to do one from!!  Sweet potato sticks are a fun choice also.  Remember you
can do broccoli slaw in place of cole slaw.  We have 1x1 cut cabbage for steaming and
the BEST pre cut collards around.  Think outside the box and your participation will go
up.  Variety keeps them coming back for more.

SOON IS NOW HERE!!  California oranges have arrived and are ready for you!!  You can start
ordering now and they look and taste very good from what I'm seeing.  I know you are
excited that you can add GOOD oranges to your order now. 

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us!  We LOVE our customers
and appreciate you so much.  Have a great day!!   Don

Don Welborn
Carolina Produce Company Inc








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