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Updated Produce News . . . .

Produce News Update

Hello Everyone

I hope everyone is doing well!  Produce still remains nice and stable so that is a good
thing!  Starting school with so much local has been a great thing but unfortunately it is
starting to go away as we start into fall and winter.  
Local apples are still doing great.  We have been able to offer so many varieties this
year.  Our apples growers do such an awesome job.
Florida citrus in now in season!!  Juice oranges, navel oranges, tangerines and tangelos
just to name a few.  Everyone seems to like the "cuties" so consider them for something
Don't forget about the staples like cantaloupe, honeydew, red grapes and never forget
KIWI!!  Kiwi is always a favorite.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me!!        Don








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