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Updated Produce News . . . .

Produce News Update

Hello Everyone

I hope that all is well and I'm sure that you are ready for a long weekend!

We have great fruit items to pick from and some that are beginning leave us for the
season.  Nectarines, plums and pluots are great.  Please make sure you are taking the
opportunity to use the pluots before the season ends.  The are always a favorite!  Kiwi,
cantaloupe, honey dew, pineapple and all 3 colors of grapes are wonderful!!  Those should
be your picks right now for sure.
Local gold and gala apples are now available so lets all enjoy those also.  Kids love
those gala apples!
We have lots of local right now!  Lets all use the great local items while it is being

Unfortunately, we do have a few items that are starting to look bad and I'm not
recommending at this time.  Peaches are starting to go away so if you want them please
order now because the quality is starting to decline.  Also oranges are 1 year old now
if you order them you are almost guaranteed them not to be pretty and also may contain
decay.  New ones are just around the corner so order with caution.  Watermelons are on
way out.  The quality is still there for the most part but sizes are becoming a problem
and they are at the end of season.

Please note that your lettuce products are running very rough right now.  They are
us it is due to extremely hot conditions.  This is having an impact on ALL your
greens.  Please do not stay way ahead on those items as we all know the price rises and
the quality declines.  Also, I have attached a letter from one of our vendors below just
to give you as much of the information as possible.  Hopefully this will be very short
term. Realize the letter below is to us and not to you.  We just like to keep you

Do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.  That is what we are here for.  Thanks
and have a wonderful day!  

Donald A. Welborn
Food Safety Coordinator
Carolina Produce Company Inc
Anderson, SC


Due to extreme weather related issues in the growing regions, Taylor Farms Tennessee will
take a price increase on 8-30-15.  The crops on the West Coast have seen challenges, such
as HOT days. This has caused a temporary shortage in the crop and yields are down. We
continue to monitor the situation and will return to normal pricing as soon as the market
will allow. Please contact your Taylor Tennessee rep for any additional questions. Thank
you for your support.

4-5# Iceberg $2.00
2-5# Iceberg $1.00
1-5# Iceberg $1.00

4-5# Iceberg blends-$1.00
2-5# Iceberg blends-$1.00
1-5# Iceberg blends-$1.00

4# Spinach $1.00

6-3# Broccoli $3.00
4-3# Broccoli $2.00
2-3# Broccoli $1.00
50ct Broccoli snack pack $1.00


Kent Ford
Director of Sales
Taylor Farms Tennessee








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