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Updated Produce News . . . .

Produce News Update

Hello Everyone,

I hope the school year is going well for all of you!!  I hope that everyone has been
enjoying all of the variety of fruits and also all of the local items that was available
to start school with.
I'm very happy to let you know that pre-sliced apples have now switched over to the new
crop and as of this week FLORIDA ORANGES are here and the quality is great!!  You can now
start on them and enjoy great quality.  Don't forget about all the local,
gold, gala and granny smith.  Grapes are also a good choice and you can use all 3 colors!!
 Cantaloupe and honeydew are good choices also.  Let's not forget about kiwi!!  Use the
bulk 110 count and leave the peeling on.  Tangerines are now starting but may be a little
on the green side and harder to peel.  Plums and pluots are still available so use them
while you can and while they last!!  Watermelons and peaches are about over for the
season.  Nectarines are a great choice but will go away soon.  All varieties of pears are
now starting including the red ones!!  
Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything.  That is what we are here
for, and we APPRECIATE you so much!!  

Donald A. Welborn
Food Safety Coordinator
Carolina Produce Company Inc
Anderson, SC








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