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Updated Produce News . . . .

Produce News Update

Hello Everyone

I hope you all are having a great school year so far.  Produce remains very stable and
there are only a few issues to address...The severe heat in a lot of regions has made
items like romaine a lettuce a little stressed.  You can expect to see a small amount of
distress in the product and hopefully the temps will cool off soon and get this corrected.
 It is very normal for this time of year.

Local apple season is here!!  We love working with our local apple growers like Chatooga
Belle Farm to bring you Red Gold Gala Fuji and some Granny Smith apples.  Our local apple
growers are top notch and do an awesome job!!  Feature all the colors and variety!

Peaches are basically finished for the season and no longer a pick of mine.  Nectarines
also.  I suggest the pluot as they will not be around much longer and of course the plum
gives you more bang for the buck.

We have had great success with local tomatoes and cucumbers but as we move into cooler
temps, they will be harder to get.  They are and have been beautiful!

Be sure you are using honeydew, cantaloupe, red black and white grapes, kiwi, pineapple,
plums and apples!!!  You cannot go wrong with any of these!!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me!!        Don








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